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A Will is one of the most important documents you will ever write, however many people in the UK die without making one. This can lead to unnecessary expense, acrimony and upset for your family and friends at what is already a difficult time.


If you die without a Will:


  • your assets will be distributed according to the prevailing rules of intestacy, which may not reflect your wishes, and cause not only expense but even much upset for those left behind.
  • the law also may appoint people to carry out your wishes that you did not want even involved
  • your legal partner may not receive what you would have wanted them to inherit
  • a cohabitee’s interest cannot be protected as they will have no automatic right to your estate
  • an estranged spouse could inherit your assets against your intentions.
  • your loved ones may be left with an enormous Inheritance Tax liability


If you draft a Will can you choose: -

  • who will administer your estate
  • who is to benefit from your estate
  • how much financial provision is made for your beneficiaries
  • who will care for your young children
  • who will manage the money you leave for your children until they benefit
  • what age any young beneficiaries will inherit
  • who will receive any sentimental possessions and family heirlooms so that they are not sold or subject of family disputes
  • to make a gift to Charity